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Towing & Recovery

Darwin's towing & vehicle recovery experts

Girl having a problem in her car — Towing Darwin in Coconut grove, NT
Towing — Towing Darwin in Coconut grove, NT


Is your car broken down or stuck in the mud?

At Prompt Tilt Tray Towing & Recovery, we provide fast, efficient vehicle transport and relocation in Darwin and the surrounding suburbs. Our team tow and recover a range of vehicles, such as cars, 4WD's, caravans and more.

Our tow truck operators have the skills to safely load vehicles in any condition onto the truck without a problem—even broken-down vehicles from the side of busy roads.

We have a fleet of flatbed tow trucks, which are a safer and more versatile option than the traditional ‘hook and chain' trucks that most people associate with the business. Our trucks ensure all four wheels of your vehicle are on a flat surface while being transported. This minimises the likelihood of further damage to the bumper, transmission, tyres or other parts of the car that would otherwise be in contact with the road.

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Recovery — Towing Darwin in Coconut grove, NT


In addition to towing, we provide recovery and salvage services, particularly in the case of smashed and immobile cars. Our tilt tray trucks mean that the car does not have to be operational to be transported. Vehicles that have been crashed, won't start, or have significant damage can be loaded onto the bed of the truck with a winch, making relocation simple.

When towing your vehicle, you can choose to have it taken to our yard and stored, delivered to your home or property, or taken to a mechanic or panel beater of your choice. If you have your vehicle taken to our yard, we can hold it for a short time before it needs to be collected.
Broken down late at night? Don't worry. We know that car troubles don't happen on a schedule, which is why we offer a 24/7 towing and recovery service. Having your car moved will mean that it's in a secure, safe place and won't be subject to further damage or vandalism. Call us today!