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Frequently asked questions about towing & recovery

The team at Prompt Tilt Tray Towing & Recovery has years of industry experience retrieving cars and other vehicles throughout Darwin. We specialise in recovering vehicles from just about anywhere!

Our experienced tow truck operators have answered some of our most commonly received questions about our towing, salvage and recovery services below.

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Am I able to travel with my vehicle?
Yes, of course. We're happy to give you a lift with your vehicle when we tow it to the destination you've chosen.

Typically, we have room for two passengers in the cab of our tow trucks. If you are travelling with a larger group than that, however, then they may need to find alternate transport.
My car has been lowered. Can you still tow it?
When can I pick up my vehicle after it's been towed?
Can you tow a car without a number plate?
What vehicles can you tow?